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Analytical labs have many tools and equipment that serve a specific purpose. Some supplies simply make tasks easier for those working in the lab. Knowing which supplies are necessary makes working with analytical equipment much easier. Here is an essential list of chromatography supplies that every analytical lab needs.

Mini Flashlight

Since the oven interior does not have a light, it is difficult to see inside. A mini flashlight is helpful in this scenario because it makes seeing inside the oven possible. A mini flashlight is something everyone should carry on them because it makes inspecting the inside of the machine easier. Detecting the interior of the inlets is much easier with a flashlight. A mini flashlight is ideal because it fits inside the pocket of pants or a jacket easily. A flashlight is also helpful if something falls on the floor or rolls behind a piece of equipment.


Columns are one of the main parts of a chromatography machine, so having the polymer caps for the columns is essential. The caps basically seal the columns for storage. This happens so air and moisture cannot contaminate the sample. Although a hydrogen torch may seal the column, it is not recommended.

Dental Mirror and Pick

Some of the supplies that may be found in an analytical lab have nothing to do with analysis. A dental mirror is something that might come in handy to examine inaccessible areas of the chromatograph. A dental mirror may also come in handy when fixing a part that is loose or missing. Although using a dental mirror sounds obscure, there’s another dental item that tends to be help helpful in repairing machinery. A dental pick is handy to remove debris that requires a small and precise tool. A needle may also be helpful in this scenario.


There are various types of cutters necessary for chromatography. First, make sure the lab has fused-silica column cutters. These cutters have a magnifying glass on the opposite end of the cutter. This magnifying glass is helpful because it aids in inspecting the column. Next, make sure the lab has diagonal cutters. The function of these cutters is only for cutting electrical wires. Finally, the lab should have tubing cutters. To be prepared, keep extra cutter blades on hand to replace the old ones when necessary.

An essential list of chromatography supplies consists of many other items, but this guide has touched on a few key supplies. Chromatography is complex, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. GenTech Scientific specializes in refurbished scientific instruments. Our sales associates are knowledgeable product specialists — always happy to help you find exactly what your lab needs. Our highly trained technicians refurbish all the instruments we sell, and can install, provide preventive maintenance and repair services when needed. Whether you buy, rent, or lease our equipment, we have confidence that you’ll be satisfied.

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