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In 1996, GenTech Scientific began out of a GC/MS service engineer’s desire to stop traveling and settle down in Western New York. Initially established as a service company, it was only a few short months later that the company began its transformation from only repairs to instrument refurbishment, sales and service. GenTech’s founder and CEO, Clair Bragg, recognized the vast difference between the expense of instrumentation at OEM prices compared to many labs' budgets. With good prices, excellent service and proven reliability, Clair built a trusted reputation by providing the highest level of quality in affordable, refurbished instrumentation.

We are grateful to our customers and employees.

From a single employee working in a single room to over 40 employees in a facility with over 60,000 square feet, GenTech Scientific is proud to celebrate its 20 Years of success and growth. Without our outstanding employees and amazing customers, we would not be where we are today. Click on the "View Our History" button and join us as we stroll down memory lane in our 20 Year History Slideshow.

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20 Year History Slideshow

GenTech Scientific Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Through our consistent focus and teamwork, we have grown as a full-service multi-vendor refurbished analytical instrument re-seller.  

Over the past 20 years, GenTech has provided customers with service that exceeds expectations.  Our integrity, in all things, is the key to our success.

We hope you enjoy this look back at the past 20 years of GenTech Scientific Inc., and we look forward to helping more labs complete their applications with quality instruments and prompt support.

Established in 1996

Clair Bragg launched GenTech Scientific, Inc. in January of 1996.

Initially established to service and repair GC/MS systems, the company soon evolved into analytical instrument refurbishment and sales.

Moving In - 1998

GenTech moved into a new 1,800 square foot facility.  

Hiring chemists allowed GenTech to further meet the needs of laboratories.

Branding Out - 1999

New employees with Chemistry and Biology backgrounds allowed for the addition of Liquid Chromatography instruments to the list of supported systems.  

GenTech now repairs, refurbishes and sells GC, MS, and HPLC systems as well as autosamplers and detectors.

Expanding - 2000

GenTech, with over 20 employees, added a 10,300 square foot expansion.  This expansion increased bench space for repairs and refurbishment, and offered more space for growing inventory. 

First Pittcon - 2000

With our "Used But Not Abused" pins proudly displayed, we attended our first Pittcon. It is one of our best shows, and we go every year to see many friends and customers.

Giving Back - 2001 

GenTech generously donated a complete GC/MS system to the Alfred State College Physical and Life Sciences Department to replace a vital instrument that was broken.

"Without such unselfish support from College benefactors like Clair, our ability to educate the next generation of laboratory workers would be seriously impaired." - Dr. Gerald D. Fong

Growing - 2003

GenTech moved to the current location at 23 Mill St Arcade NY.  The new facility doubled the size of the old building at 22,000 square feet.  Over the next 12 years, GenTech continued expansion as buildings were added.

Business of the Year - 2004

The New York State Assembly awarded GenTech Scientific with a Certificate of Merit as Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year.

New Look - 2005

In 2005, GenTech adopted a new logo and began offering new services such as instrument rental options and instrument exchange and loaner program.  

Free Harley - 2006

GenTech employees are big Harley Davidson fans.   For Pittcon 2006, 2007 and 2008, GenTech gave away a free Harley Davidson Sportster each year.  

The first Harley given away was a black 2003 Sportster 100 Year Anniversary Edition.

The AHDRA Official Sponsor - 2006

GenTech Scientific was named the official fuel testing equipment supplier for All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA).  Starting in 2003, GenTech provided analytical equipment, along with service and chemist support for the AHDRA.

Circuit Boards - 2007

The introduction of Circuit Board Repair and Exchange Service was a great success for GenTech Scientific because it offered another invaluable service for customers.  Our continued goal has always been to exceed expectations by focusing on helping our customers save time and money.  

Supporting WNY Universities - 2007

GenTech Scientific proudly donated a PerkinElmer Sciex API III Plus to three WNY universities: University at Buffalo, Buffalo State College, and Rochester Institute of Technology.  The instruments were placed within the chemistry departments of the schools, serving as educational and research development enhancements.

Technical Institute - 2008

Understanding how instruments work and how to care for them can extend the life of systems.  With this principle in mind our CEO, Clair Bragg, founded the GenTech Technical Institute.  

The Technical Institute offers customized, hands-on training on basic operation, instrument maintenance, ASTM methods, instrument theory and troubleshooting. 

NYAAEL Membership - 2011

GenTech joined the New York Association of Approved Environmental Laboratories (NYAAEL), a non-profit organization of the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) approved laboratories and related industry representatives which takes a leadership role in promoting the advancement of environmental laboratories.

New Logo & Website - 2012

At the end of 2012, GenTech launched a brand new website along with a new logo.  The new site made it easier for customers to request the systems and services they wanted.   Business First ranked GenTech #33 among the top 50 Fast Track Companies in WNY for 2012.

NY Dignitaries Visit - 2013

GenTech Scientific Inc's CEO Clair Bragg (pictured left) welcomed Senator Patrick Gallivan (pictured right) and Wyoming County Business Development Council President James Pierce to its Arcade offices. Business First ranked GenTech as #16 out of the top 50 Fast Track Companies in WNY for 2013.

The Senator expressed an interest in visiting GenTech after it was honored by Business First publications as a WNY Fast Track Company. 

Expanding - 2014

GenTech needed more room.  A recent expansion doubled the size of facility to 60,000 square feet.  The additional space provides the ability to have more "ready to ship" equipment for our customers, faster rentals, and more bench space for repairs and service.

In 2014 GenTech introduced Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry instruments and Scanning Electron Microscopes to our growing list of services and instruments.

New Partners - 2015

GenTech has partnered with many vendors over the past 20 years to offer new instruments and accessories.  In 2015 GenTech partnered with MasCom Technologies and introduced brand new technology that can fully utilize the HRAM performance of Orbitrap instruments for GC analyses through the new GC-APPI interface. 

We'd like to thank our partners: Scientific Systems Inc, IonSense, Proton Onsite and Mercedes Medical.

- 2015

This is our motto and it helped GenTech grow and continue to improve. In 2015 we hired many new employees and reinvested in our Accounting, Delivery and Operations groups, improving efficiency and on time performance. 

GenTech also introduced direct, in-house rentals as an added service to our customers. Our financing department has added more lenders so we can offer more competitive rates and better financial structures.

“The most critical aspect of this company is to hire good people who do an excellent job for our customers” – Clair Bragg, CEO