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Cannabis is a product meant for ingestion—people should take the organic material into their bodies and bloodstreams. While federal agencies monitor food production and quality, there is less oversight concerning cannabinoids. Considering its history with the law, it’s no wonder that unlicensed growers and unconcerned users traded harmful variants of the substance around. Given this complex and varied backstory, scientists can now step in to ensure the safety of a cannabis product. Here is why cannabis quality control testing using gas chromatography is so vital.

Consumer Safety

There is no standardized regulation in the cannabis industry. Due to the varying levels of acceptance and state control, there is no guarantee of safety for the consumer. While some people have a trusted relationship with their vendors, others do not. Gas chromatography gives precise information regarding quality control that protects consumer safety, even when there is no prior relationship with the vendor. Gas chromatographs can vaporize, separate, and analyze cannabis at a molecular level, leaving no room for doubt about the contents in the material.

Seller Authenticity

Unlicensed and unsavory businesses saturate the cannabis market. Despite the rapid growth, many new pop-up shops and stores lack verification. Seller authenticity is paramount in today’s market, which is why cannabis quality control testing is so critical. Gas chromatography is a simple way to test your product and see whether it’s viable for consumer use. The last thing you want is to become a purveyor of blighted goods.

Industry Professionalization

It is one thing to grow cannabis in your backyard or rooftop greenhouse; growing it on vast farms is another. The cannabis industry is growing, and with that expansion comes professionalization. While this market is still upon the cusp of industrialized formality, gas chromatography can help tip the scales toward safety regulation and supply chain integration. Introducing thorough, scientific processes into otherwise unanalyzed production makes the difference between a side-hustle shop and an established business.

Now that you know how cannabis quality control testing using gas chromatography works and impacts the market, you can make the best decision for your business venture. If you need to bring your cannabis testing in-house, there is no better way than to obtain your own chromatography equipment. Reach out to us at GenTech Scientific today if you are looking for a gas chromatograph for sale.