Agilent 6125 LC/MS System with Infinity II HPLC


  • Agilent 6125 LC/MS with Infinity II HPLC
    • Agilent 6125 LC/MS
      • Ion Source
    • Agilent Infinity II HPLC
      • 1260 Infinity II VWD (G7114A)
      • 1260 Infinity II Prep Autosampler (G7157A)
      • 1260 Infinity II Iso Pump (G7110B)
      • 1290 Infinity II Prep Binary Pump (G7161B)
      • 1290 Infinity II Prep FC (G7159B)
      • 1290 MS Flow Modulator (G7170B)
      • 1290 Valve Drive (G1170A)
      • Agilent Delay Coil Organizer
      • XSelect CSH C18 OBD Prep Column
  • Mechanical Pump
  • Data System
  • Warranty Coverage


  • Mass Spec Workbench
  • Wiley NIST / EPA / NIH Mass Spectral Library 2020
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

The 1260 Infinity II Preparative LC/MSD System can be configured with UV and MS detectors as well as multiple fraction collectors to meet your purification needs. Automated sample injection increases daily sample throughput and mass-based fraction collection maximizes purity and minimizes re-analysis.

This Agilent 6125 LC/MSD with Infinity II HPLC comes expertly refurbished from GenTech Scientific.

Supporting Documentation

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6125 LC/MSD / 1260 Infinity II HPLC


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