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Yvette with Dan Carcillo, former NHL player and current CEO of Wesana Health.

In May GenTech CCO Yvette Pagano went to D.C. to check out the 2nd Annual Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development Conference. The purpose of the conference, as described by organizers, was to “bring together the world’s leading researchers and leaders in academia, industry, the non-profit sector and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing those engaged in the research and development of psychedelics for various health conditions with considerable unmet need.” Some of the health conditions for which psychedelics offer treatment potential include “inflammatory/autoimmune disorders, brain injury, pain, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, headaches, depression, and opioid use disorder.”

We spoke with Yvette about her experience, her reasons for attending and what she learned. You can watch the conversation below.

Conversations about psychedelics testing are especially timely right now with Oregon’s pioneering drug decriminalization legislation (Ballot Measure 110), and the establishment of a Psilocybin Services program (Ballot Measure 109), both of which are expected to serve as models for legalization and regulation in other states. In anticipation of these emerging test areas, also timely is the launch of GenTech Scientific’s new Psilocybin Testing Package and our Psychedelic Start-Up Lab Options. Be sure to talk with our knowledgeable sales representatives about your lab’s specific needs!

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