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HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) equipment provides accurate answers to scientists researching the substances we interact with. The sensitive analysis and separation efficiency lead to safer products and industry practices. Here are just a handful of the many vital industries that use HPLC testing equipment in their work.

Food Safety

High-performance liquid chromatography is essential for a wide variety of food safety aspects. From measuring sugar and vitamin presences to detecting toxic substances, scientists turn to HPLC equipment to identify substances. The results help producers to comply with food safety laws and protect consumers from harmful substances in their meals.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Drugmakers are required to accurately label the components of each pill or product to ensure safe usage. HPLC analysis identifies impurities. Scientists can rely on the high degree of accuracy of their equipment to confirm the composition of the drug. QC (Quality Control) processes use HPLC , as does development of new pharmaceutical products.

Environmental Testing

Scientists use HPLC to study human impact on the natural world, and ensure that natural resources local communities rely on are not contaminated. Environmental testing relies on HPLC to test for pollutants in three primary categories: atmospheric, water, and soil. Concerns measured for using HPLC systems include arsenic, heavy metals, and residual pesticides.

Cannabis Quality Control

High-performance liquid chromatography equipment allows manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to have confidence in cannabis products. From CBD oil to cannabis concentrates, testing screens for toxins and pesticides while also performing cannabinoid profiling. Cannabis products testing raises the quality and safety of ingestibles sold to consumers.

Forensic Toxicology

Among the many crucial industries that use HPLC testing equipment to protect our communities is the field of forensic toxicology. HPLC equipment allows scientists to determine the compounds present in human bodily fluids and tissues, including pharmaceuticals and organic poisons.

Where gas chromatography has the potential to change substances for analysis, high-performance liquid chromatography allows forensic scientists to avoid derivatization during their work. Paired with the efficiency and sensitivity of these machines, this explains why forensic toxicology readily relies on HPLC testing equipment.

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