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Author: Mike May | February 09, 2016

Used equipment can help keep your costs down, but you’ll want to make sure you have the right warranty on your lab instrument purchase.

Getting the coverage you need

When it comes to running a lab, you need analytical equipment, but it’s not always affordable unless you can find it used. Even then, it might not be the best choice unless it comes with the right warranty. Just being used doesn’t make analytical equipment a good deal unless you can count on it. That means being sure that the seller stands behind the product with a warranty and fast responses to problems in order to keep your lab running.


In some cases, a buyer can expect even more. As Bruce Jones, chief coordinating officer at GenTech Scientific in Arcade, New York, says, “If we install the instruments, we are able to offer a one-year warranty on most instruments, because we are confident in the expertise of the technician and the quality of our refurbished instruments.” He adds, “For certain instruments, we may be able to extend the warranty up to five years with installation.”

To be sure that you get the warranty you desire, the key could be checking with your colleagues about their experiences buying used analytical equipment. Also, be sure to ask the crucial questions: What is the warranty, and how will it be serviced? Only then can you feel safe buying used analytical equipment. Otherwise, you’re taking a financial and professional risk.

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