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Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! This week as we prepare to stuff ourselves along with the turkey, and take stock of all the things we have to be thankful for, it seems like a good time to take stock of our Tech Tips to date as well.

Our very first Tech Tip, back in February, by Field Service Engineer Will Flannery, reviewed “Instruments for PFAS Analysis.” This month, with our attendance at ASMS, our focus again has been on environmental testing. We followed up that first post with another Tech Tip titled, “PFAS Analysis.” And if you missed it, our conversation with Dr. Diana Aga, Chemistry Department, University at Buffalo about her Great Lakes research is worth a listen.

More Environmental Testing Resources:
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Last month, GenTech attended MJBizCon and our focus swung to cannabis testing.

Other helpful Tech Tips videos on this topic were Why Test Cannabis and Cannabis Testing Equipment.

Outside of Tech Tips, we also published several other resources related to cannabis testing:

KCA Labs, our October Customer of the Month, offered tips for other cannabis startup labs.

Check back next week for more Tech Tips Highlights!